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Welcome to Woofie's World

Treats for doggos

We're thrilled to provide your furry friends with delicious and healthy treats that they'll love. Our treats are made with only the finest ingredients, and we're committed to provide your dogs with the highest quality products. Thank you for choosing us, and we can't wait for your dogs to try our treats!

Our Story

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Lola is one of the most beloved members of my family, she is a greyhound and a former racing rescue dog. Lola is 9 years old and as she got older, she began to develop arthritis and consequently decreased her physical activity.

We decided to try giving her different types of treats to motivate her to do more physical activity, but unfortunately on one of those occasions the snack made her so sick that I decided to start exploring other options.


This is when I started making her homemade treats, with ingredients that are not only healthy for her but will also provide enough nutrients and benefits whilst attempting to alleviate her arthritis issues.

Our Customers

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